Covid-19 created hundreds of heros

There are heroes in life. Some of them are visible and others don’t put wings on or allow to be exalted despite dozens of valuable deeds they performed.
Those wingless heroes get lost in the illusion of time, their names are written on the water.

However the memory of water remembers everything, contains all. Just as it keeps all the anonymous, wingless heroes individually in the history of humanity so far.

Life would be so boring if heroes didn’t exist, wouldn’t it? There are angels helping us from the minute we opened our eyes and breathed into the interwoven layers of the dimension we live in. From the nurse who holds a new mother’s hand and caresses her hair to the taxi driver who stops by when least expected in a busy metropolitan day angels are always plenty in our lives.

Angels, heroes, these beautiful people don’t carry badges. Their presence are seen and their images become familiar.

Human beings do love heroes! Right, one of the biggest graces of being human is being able to help, to be able to feel empathy.
In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, the least expected character becomes the hero of the film. Or Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, after his poor background becomes a worldwide known boxer and light up our hearts “ding dong”.
It is not absent in our lives for sure but today I am interested in angels. In fact I am busy with angels only for a very long time.


Our stories, experiences, emotional storms and reality of our lives keeps changing as the Covid-19 process extends. In fact it doesn’t change but is just perceived as if it is changing. What do I mean? I will explain it later. Linear time is the awareness of life in which human mind is bent, past becomes future and future becomes past and the moment becomes the moment since the creation. As the days with Covid-19 put pressure on our reality, our perception transcends its limits and extends. Collective consciousness is going through a shift and transition as the waves of information surge one after the other. Schumann Resonance, heartbeat of the Earth is around 7.83 Hertz. Frequency of the electromagnetic waves reflected back from the Earth’s ionosphere layer are called Schumann Resonance values. This value is defined by the electrical activity inside the clouds and can change with multiple variant factors.

Studies of scientists point out a remarkably interesting data. Exceeding 7.83 Hertz, heartbeat of our World dramatically increased to 150 Hertz on March 17, 2019 and 158 Hertz on December 6, 2019.
As I speak about and deliberatly emphasize the fact of change and transition I always refer to scientific research and data.
We are in a huge shift/change.

It’s possible that we are witnessing one of the deepest “awakenings” in human history.


And heroes!

One of the most amazing incidents recently took place in England where I’ve been living for years. On 10th of April, 99 years old veteran Tom Moore began a fundraising campaign of 1000 pounds to fight Covid-19. Moore who will turn 100 on 30th April mentioned that his country and the World have not encountered such a crises since Second World War and asked people of England to support the campaign. War veteran who has a broken a hip and stands with a walker presumably led the way in the World as part of corona virus.
He raised 15 million pounds.
You didn’t mishear.
Moore who was rightly proud during his speech for newspapers said, “We will beat the virus together in the whole World.”

They are everywhere.
They don’t have to put wings on to make history, each good deed spreads like a ripple. Even if the images change, a large amount of the Earth we live on is covered with water. For me the memory of water is more persistent than of man.
Have a nice week.

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