Eclipse of the mind during times of Covid-19

Being a foreign correspondent nowadays I am following the World media much more and closely than ever. As a result of special news I get and the files I go over that are based on research by genuine newsmen of the World and my own efforts I acquire such information that at the end of the day I sometimes smile and sometimes gaze at what is happening in astonishment. Herd mentality is prevalent on earth for a long, very long time. More than being/behaving same/similar it is that people almost don’t spend time to think and just copy others. Or they approve people/organization/constitutions from a to z without criticizing or inquiring them, just as worshipping them.

It feels like this mood is common nowadays. Whereas the World press didn’t throw some information out in the early days and even some conspiracy theories were only accessible in specific sites, these theories have been spoken as part of the agenda.
Ironically theories which will make tremendous impact in ordinary times are perceived as natural today.

So many things are being spoken.
So much information is available.
So many unnecessary people are being recognized.
So many people think they know everything.

And the most interesting part is that a lot of information -necessary/unnecessary- is readily available for the audience through zapping or surfing the internet as there is no filtering system for the new media, including social media.
I’m a news person, war correspondant and quite an experienced foreign correspondant for twenty years and I still premeditate upon the extent of an answer would go before I put questions to my guests.
Reason is the respect I have for my audience.


Now let’s get to the pineal gland.

Yes, pineal gland is a widely mentioned topic in recent years. However pineal gland was ever present there in esoteric teachings, holy scriptures and symbols at the caves of Egyptian pyramids.

The pineal gland is a pea-size organ found at the back of the brain. It’s found situated in a cavity behind the pituitary gland. This gland which is located at the back of the head gets its name from “pinea” in Latin, meaning “pine cone”. Unlike other parts in the brain pineal gland is single and the mysteries around its function gets deeper as much as it is searched. I will not list them all but it is possible to find them in the giant pine cone in Vatican, pine cones over the heads of Buddha statues, pine cone ornaments of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti in Indian culture and many more traditional values. It is more important to understand that the pineal gland is the “third eye” that is awareness, our connection with divine power whether in religions or spiritual teachings. Scientists in recent years found out very exciting parameters, proving this. And many discussions are ongoing around it. One is that people’s pineal glands are dulled for the last twenty years. And thus a herd was created that sat in front of TV and believed in everything said.
This is not the situation valid only for a specific region and it’s also one of the safe heavens worldwide capitalism has created.
The less thoughtful a society you create is, the better!

And let’s get to pineal gland and eclipses of Covid-19.
First Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of England whom I know well, considered the idea important and said “Let herd immunity be practiced”.
He said it and what happened?
Nobody took it seriously.
Later, Johnson noticed his mistake and went to fix it.
What about America?
And Trump!..

There has been no change in the date of US presidential elections scheduled for November 3, 2020. America, hit by the Covid-19 outbreak, was divided into two parts about “remote voting” for the November presidential elections. While pre-elections are postponed due to the epidemic in many states, there are disagreements about the electoral system between Republicans and Democrats.
President Trump acts like his pineal gland has been captured by aliens.

The President, who has been making a serious promotion on anti-virus drugs from the beginning of Covid-19, now shocked the whole world by saying, “Injecting dishwashing detergent can also be an important method in fighting this virus.”
Funny thing is…he apparently realized he was targeted on critism after this announcement and after 24 hours, he made a new statement and made a blunder after blunder.
This time, the president acknowledged that he was consciously making a joke that would have a negative impact by saying, “I wanted to make a cynical statement, that’s all.”
What can I say?

Who knows what more mind-blowing events we will experience in the age of Covid-19?

I’m telling you, take care of your pineal gland.
May the beauties be with you.
May Ramadan be full of abundance and peace.

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