Kirsten Dunst talked to Aysegul Ekinci

AEkinci: What characteristics of Mary Jane is interesting for you?

KDunst: I signed the contract for three movies when I signed for Spiderman. But before reading the charactert, the director being Sam Raimi was very important for me. Because he is an incredible director. He takes care of every actor individually. The Mary Jane character is a lonely womeni despite looking strong and confident. The only person who is close to her is Peter Parker. But Peter cannot give support her enough emotional support either.

AEkinci: Would you want to have super powers?

KDunst : No way. It’s not easy to handle super powers. I wouldn’t want them and I couldn’t handle them.

AEkinci:Do you have any similiarities with MJ character?

KDunst : None. But I get her as a woman. As every woman, she needs emotional security. She might not say it outloud, but she expects it. From this aspect, I understand her very well.

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