Peter Schmeichel: “ Turkish football improved incredibly”

AE: Can you comment on where you see Turkish football today?

PS: Turkish football reached amazing level over the years. Once it was a country that was weak in football, nowadays it’s a country that competes in European League and World Cup. Especially during the last 10 years, Turkish football and players managed to do wonders in the sport. Turkey is now a country that is known by its football. Countries that used to look down on Turkey are now afraid. Turkish fans own their teams so well that the players almost feel obligated to score.

AE: What do you think about the foreign players playing in Turkey? For instance, the transfer of Roberto Carlos to Fenerbahce team was talked about a lot.

PS: I’m always a little sceptical about foreign transfers. Over here, the names are unimportant. But Carlos has achieved important things. It’s great advertising having him in Turkey. Turkish football is constantly improving in one way or the other.

AE: Do you have a message for Turkey and your fans in Turkey?

PS: Turkey is a beautiful country. It has great potential. The show we filmed in Europe called ‘Dirty Jobs with Peter Schmeichel’ will be shown on Discovery channel in Turkey. I want my fans to watch the show. I’m sure they’ll like it.

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