Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides

Aysegul Ekinci recorded interesting confessions from the behind the scenes of the Pirates of the Carribean.

Geoffrey Rush said that Penelope Cruz found out that she was pregnant on the set and that the entire crew was very attentive to her throughout the shootings.

Rush: ‘Penelope was playing a pirate like Johnny. She was using a sword, jumping around and everything. And we sometimes worked in very challenging conditions. We filmed on the ocean.

AE: We always see you in important roles. You are very selective in your career. Was there a characters that you said you would never play?

GRush: To be honest, I think I’m very lucky. I like challenging characters. There was never a character that I didn’t want to play. Producers approach me knowing what I would accept. But I just don’t like to shoot movies one after another. I like to rest in between and live my life. It’s best to stop, relax and then continue.

AE: You are reborn in every movie. And each time you are younger. What’s the secret behind that?

Johny Depp: If you see me like that, it makes me happy. In fact, I don’t do anything special. It’s probably in my genes. I have a special connection with my fans. I get excited at every movie, like it’s my first time acting. I want to give new messages every time. It’s important for me to entertain my fans. I feel good when I entertain. So there is no secret

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