Sherlock Holmes, The Movie, Jude Law, Guy Ritchie Interview

AE: Were you a Sherlock Holmes fan as well? When did you first encounter the series? And what was your reaction when you first got the offer from Guy Ritchie?

Jude Law: I wasn’t a fan of Sherlock Holmes. I saw it for the first time when I was 17 through a TV show. But when I received the offer from Guy Ritchie and Warner Bros, I got really excited. When I found out that Robert Downer Jr was going to be in this project, I had to say yes. That’s when I started to read the adventures of Holmes

AE: Did Sherlock Holmes’ adventures impress you? How did you like the movie?

Jude Law: Sherlock Holmes is a hero that affects the whole world. It’s an unbelievable character. Imagine London in 19th century and the unlawful are afraid of Sherlock Holmes. He is a great detective that determines the cause-consequence relationship very well. Scotland Yard is jealous of him. He is a brilliant man. The military discipline, fighting techniques, he is like a super hero.

AE: Why Sherlock Holmes? You usually address the underground world of London. But wasn’t it risky to do a movie set in the 19th century?

Guy Ritchie: I read Sherlock Holmes stories since I was a child. I’m a big fan of Holmes. And I wanted to do a Sherlock Holmes movie since I was a kid. Sherlock is an iconic character. It’s a movie that has never been done before. It wasn’t me who created the atmosphere of 19th century, it was my colleagues who did that. They did a great job.

AE: Sherlock Holmes is a story of an era. But you added a contemporary touch to it.

Guy Ritchie: I wanted to make the story a bit more contemporary. Not reinvent it, but shake the dust off it. I think Conan Doyle would have liked our Sherlock Holmes if he watched in the theater.

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