Tate Taylor: ‘ Gays love my movie ‘

Tate Taylor ‘ I was born to make this movie’

Tate Taylor talks exclusively to Aysegul Ekinci

Director of The Help Movie, who won Octavia Spencer Best Supporting Actress Award at the Oscars, Tate Taylor, is as extraordinary as the movie he directed. Tate made this movie almost as a tribute to the black help he had in his household when he was growing up in Mississippi.

‘I paid by debt of gratitude’ says Tate Taylor, who is also a very close friend of Kathryn Stockett, the author of the book ‘The Help’ which was turned into a script for the movie. They have known each other since the age of 5. That’s why they both had black helpers around the house in their childhood.

Octavia Spencer-Tate Taylor-Ayşegül Ekinci
Octavia Spencer-Tate Taylor-Ayşegül Ekinci

And when Kathryn Stockett wrote ‘The Help’, Tate Taylor was the one who was the happiest about it. You’ll find more in the answers of Tate Taylor to my questions.

You also tell us about your childhood in the movie ‘The Help’.

Unfortunately true. That was both a great time and a weird era considering what was going on. Everything you see in the movie is true. I mean the black helpers and how they are alienated from the household. But they are also the people who did everything for the people in the house, especially the children. What a weird contradiction right? That’s why we owe them a lot. In a way, I paid that debt. I feel peaceful now.

‘Gays loves this movie too’

You mentioned peace. How do black people feel about the movie? The struggle of the black race told by a white director. How realistic is that?

That’s an interesting point. I think as a director the most important thing is to be able to emphatize. I already experienced that era. I don’t have to read about it in history books. And I give my support to the black race for their suffering. You know, the movie was a hit in the US. For example, gays loves the movie. I mean everyone who is subject to discrimination found something in the movie about themselves. We give a message via black people in the movie. And that message reaches the right people.

There are very special actresses in the movie. Was it hard to bring them all together?

They are all precious and beautiful. I’m very lucky in that sense. In fact, it wasn’t hard to bring them together. Must be the movie’s luck. Or mine. We got positive responses to all of our offers. It must be pleasant to play in movie about such an important subject.

But you know what was challenging? I had to warn all of them to gain a little weight. But none of them wanted to gain any weight. Octavia, is trying to lose weight. I literally fought with them. And I finally laid it down as a condition. I think they hated me at that point.

Have you ever been to Turkey?
I really wanted to go to Turkey before. At the end of the summer I went to Istanbul. And I loved it. It’s living and colorful city.


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