The Red Riding Hood, Amanda Seyfried Interview

AE: This is a very well-known story in the world. Did it excite you to take the lead in this movie?

AS: The story is in the past. I was getting bored of modern movies. One day we were having dinner at Catherine’s house and she talked to us about the project. I got very excited. Then we met another time. She described the entire project to me for hours. She was like children. She has such a great energy that it pulls you right in. She finally offered me the lead. I was so proud and touched.

AE:The movie is a bit different than the actual story. There is romance in it. The story is sexier.

AS: Yes. Because we are in 2011. The story is 700 years old. This is a movie for the young people. Therefore romance is in the foreground. I think it was a fun movie. I learned a lot from Gary Oldman and Julie Christie. i.

AE: You are one of the most beautiful faces in the world. And you are among the popular names in Hollywood. You have fans all over the world. When you look at the mirror, how do you see Amanda Seyfried?

AS: Oh My God. I grew up not liking myself. I started modelling at 11. At first it was fun. But then it started to put its weight on me. I had fears. I was afraid of death and other fears. I was in pain because of that.

AE: You are so young to think about death. How about now?

AS: I try to get over my fears. In a way it’s a good thing, it made me appreciate today. I don’t live for tomorrow. I live today and enjoy my moment in the present.

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