Transformers Movie – Megan Fox, Shia La Beouf, Michael Bay

The war between the good robots and bad robots continues…It looks like the Blockbuster Transformers that made its impact in 2007 will make another impact in the summer of 2009…

Director Michael Bay, known for high budget movies such as Pearl Harbour and Island and also known as the most earning directors, is back with his new movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The robots with the ability to transform into various mechanisms come to invade earth from Cyberton. While good and bad robots fight for different goals, young fighter Sam Witwicky and his beautiful lover Mikaela, along with good robots (Autobot) and NEST soldiers make incredible sacrifices in order to save the world with the help of a former agent.

Transformers will not force our fantasy world, in a time where biological war theories are explored in the real world. Why? Well, robots who live in another planet, who have the ability to transform into automobiles, planes, vessels, trucks, are in the search for minerals required for chemicals and fuel. Therefore they focus on our world, rich with chemicals and minerals. The movie was shot with giant cameras in IMAX format in multiple locations, while the Pyramids in Egypt were the most interesting ones.

Megan Fox marked the London Premiere of Transformers

With her resemblance to Angelina Jolie, and chosen as the ‘Sexiest Woman’ by the FHM magazine, Megan Fox thrilled everyone with her beauty at the London Premiere of Transformers. Megan Fox wore a dress with a deep slash that revealed all of her beauty. Despite the summer rain, the Megan Fox fans gathered at the Leicester Square from the early hours of the morning to see her. As soon as she appeared on the red carpet a fans cheered on loudly and they hustled each other in order to be able to touch Megan Fox, while giving her a hard time.

Director Michael Bay: We worked with an army of people

I discovered Megan, because I believed in her

The director of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is again, Michael Bay. The director who skillfully directs movies with high budgets makes his childhood dreams come true in the movies where he creates fantastic worlds. He is a fan of sci-fi movies and says: “My toys, the robots that filled my room were also my world in my childhood”.

Michael Bay combines the futuristic world of Transformers with historical wealth while shooting at the Pyramids in Egypt, which is only a dream for many directors.

The most important factor of the first movie was reaching massive audience. Will it be the same for this movie as well?

-We could not estimate the first movie achieving such success. However, it is not always possible to estimate what’s going to happen while filming it. For instance, when I was shooting the first movie, I showed a scene to my friends, and they didn’t understand anything. Then when they saw the finished movie, they couldn’t believe it. They were surprised to see what we have done with the robots. As for this movie, there are different elements in this one. We present funnier characters to the audience. For instance, there are funny robots, stupid robots, bad robots, etc.

We see President Obama in one scene of the movie. Especially after the swine flu, did you include concepts such as the President of USA, invasion of earth by other forces, on purpose? Can we say that it’s appropriate timing?

-Looks like that right? (Laughs)…But this wasn’t my goal at all. I did not try to create a theory at the appropriate time. I just feel close to President Obama. Turns out, he likes my movies too. I just thought it would be good to use an image of the President. That’s all.

They say that you are a difficult director. How do you see yourself?

-Movie industry is really stressful. Sometimes, a movie that you expect the least from, achieves great success, or vice versa. I am a strict and disciplined director. I want the actors to be disciplined and concentrated on the set. We make high budget movies, so such expectation is only natural.

You gave the lead role to Megan Fox on the first movie. So you discovered her?

-When I discovered Megan, she was only a model. At the studio she told me that she had no acting experience. At the auditions I saved Megan’s shots. I believed in her. And Megan proved herself. She really proved herself in this movie. As for Shia, he is an unbelievable talent.

Sexy Megan Fox: ‘The mystery of former starts no longer exists’

‘I’m afraid of losing my mystery’

Despite being only 23, Megan Fox knows how to make people talk about her and says she is assertive about acting. She remains quiet against the remarks about being sexy and says: “I’m embarrassed”. Yes, Megan Fox is embarrassed because of all the compliments she received and does not find herself sexy.

Here are the answers that Megan Fox gave for the readers of Keleber, regarding the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Magazines for men find you very sexy. How does that make you feel?

-Believe me, it embarrasses me. How would you feel if they tell you all day long that you are sexy. Also, I don’t agree with these opinions, I don’t find myself sexy.

The first movie was surprisingly a big hit. Do you think the same will happen for this one?

-When we saw how much the first movie made, we instantly realized that we would be called back. Plus, since the characters were very young, the second movie had to made shortly. Because no one would want to see Sam and Mikaela in their 30s.

There are many action scenes in the movie. Some of the actors were injured. How about you? Also, how did you prepare for your character in the movie?

– I think I’m the only person who finished the movie without any injuries. There are action scenes however my scenes were mostly with riding motorcycles etc. I didn’t do anything special for them.

How does it feel to come back to a series that is known by the whole world? You became famous with the first movie. The second one will increase that. Does this effect you?

-When Michael Bay discovered me, he wanted to do a test shot on his Ferrari in his house. After those shots he gave me the job (she laughs). Michael is a very difficult director. He is a real dictator, but I learned a lot from him. Therefore coming back to these series really excited me. Imagine leaving such magnificent and always chaotic sets and go to normal sets. You start working at calm and slow paced sets of lower budget movies. While it takes us three days to do a scene at Transformers, in other movies you almost finish half of the movie in half a day. That’s why coming back to Transformers made it pleasantly exciting for me.

As for my fame increasing, I leave the comments up to my fans.

Did you get used to Hollywood? Do you see yourself as a Hollywood star?

-Hollywood is a very different world. It does not leave anything private and reveals everything about you. The press is always covering you. Right or wrong. Let’s not forget about internet either. The mystery of the Hollywood starts of the 1950’s no longer exists. Everything is in the open. And I don’t like that. I want to keep my mystery. That’s why I’m scared.

Do you have a message to your fans in Turkey?

-I’m very happy to hear that I have fans in Turkey. And I love them a lot. They should definitely watch the movie, I hope they will like it.

Young talent Shia LaBeouf: ‘A good actor should be very determined’

Despite his young age, Shia LaBeouf’s talent is indisputable and he is the precious star of Michael Bay. Answers to my questions from Shia, who was injured during the action scenes of Transformers.

They mention you as the new talent. You were very successful during the first movie. How did you improve yourself?

-For me, talent equals determination. Good actors are like good boxers. Boxers are regular but very determined people. They concentrate and focus on the fight. In other words, the boxer is not required to be unusual. We only do our jobs. I tried to keep myself more fit for the second part of the series. I played most of the action scenes myself.

How do you find the world of robots? It is similar to ours?

-The world of robots is very fun. Plus, in this movie we encounter different robot characters. More entertaining, funnier robots.

Robots cry too, they too fight for the good of the world. They have feelings too. That’s why Transformers opened the door to a new world for the movie lovers.

Was it difficult to have a conversation with cars and to act like you respond to them?

-I can say that it was very challenging. You have to be a good actor to be able to do that. It’s better to say that you have to be childlike to do this. Despite being a lot older than us, even John Turturro has that childlike spirit. When you talk to cars, you just imagine having something there. You actually talk to yourself.

Fantastic action movie Transformers will take you and your children to the world of robots this summer. After watching the movie, you can turn into one of the fans of the movie, choosing your favorite robot and waiting for the next series to be released.


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