Valentine’s Day, The Movie, Ashton Kutcher Interview

AE: What is the meaning of love for you?

Ashton Kutcher: It’s a very difficult question. It has a different meaning for everyone. But to me, love is the most shocking motivation. Everyone has a different formula for love. Love is being able to feel that you are one with earth. Love is thinking about others. When you say love, you are filled with hope.

AE: What about marriage? What stage of love is marriage? Would it be personal if I asked you how you got married?

Ashton Kutcher: Marriage is unbelievable. It completely changes your life. There is life before and after marriage. I used to think that I would never get married. That was until I found my soul mate. The idea of getting married developed naturally after we started dating. But I couldn’t ask Demi. I wanted to propose in a different way. I organized it on Valentine’s Day but it was a mess. Then I proposed on April 1st. When you get married, your spouse becomes you. You cannot stay mad at her. You protect her. You share everything. Marriage is great!

AE: So you believe that two people can feel as one. Is that a good thing?

Ashton Kutcher: Of course. My parents used to fight a lot. Then they got divorced. Maybe that’s why marriage was far from me. One day a priest told me: ‘If you really love someone, you would feel complete with them.’ Marriage is like that. I don’t get mad or angry at my wife. She is a part of me. Our pain and happiness is the same.

AE: Valentine’s Day is a good love movie. Why did you say ‘yes’ to this movie?

Ashton Kutcher: Garry Marshall is a director that everyone wants to work with. I had no other chance than to say yes. I’m happy that I said yes. I’m glad I did, it turned out to be a great movie. The character I played was really interesting. It made me think at times what I would do if it were me. But it became a love movie that will be remembered for a long time.

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