You stay at home, we come to you

Confusion about tuning up to new age…

The time we are getting through is affecting all humanity, young and old alike, in every region, culture and ethnicity around the World.
Just think, when was the last time and in which situation has humanity united against a global fact as such?
Scarcity of World resources?
Immigrants, moving from one place to another for a new life?

Until a virus broke out in the last months of 2019 and turned to be a common problem of humanity, we were seeing ourselves as masters of our own lives, some days complaining while some days hopping with joy.

Human being, assuming he controls everything!

Very few regions are unaffected by Covid-19 when we take a look at the World map.

All right, close your eyes and go eight years back. According to Mayan Calender, in 2012, the world had come to an end. Rumour has it that night and day would unite and it would go blank everywhere.
It did not happen.
The end that has been anticipated, was not “this end”.
We breathed a deep sigh of relief. “Ah,” we said. Then technology has made a dramatic advance. Human relations speeded up in an accelerated swirl. Human kind always went for the “more” as they asked for the more, much more, more advanced, newer, bigger and more beautiful. Air pollution, fast consumption, isolation, too much extraversion, discontentment, being a career victim, negative emotions like rage and arrogance and vibrations started to be reflected on the collective consciousness of the universe we live in.
Highly advanced, constantly renewed mobiles in our hands, one lover after another and a way of understanding indifferent to who is next to you intensified day by day.
Turning inside has been “out” and turning outside has been “in”.

Although the nature we live in often sent messages to us, human turned back to his own life after a short while and forgot what was happening in other regions of the World.
Until a virus imprisoned us in our homes.

I say “imprison” because it was difficult for the people who spend their lives ninety percent out of their homes.
Because maybe the first time people were alone with themselves.
That’s how it is, confrontations are not easy.


Some are used to staying alone with themselves. They are used to settling for little, treating everybody equal, creating from the heart, being grateful, seeing every breath they take as a miracle and looking at what is happening in the universe with an unending excitement.
Hurry, let us grow this second group. One breath, one more; let us understand that life, being alive is a miracle. Let us not misuse anything given to us. It is time to evolve to a new consciousness, being more aware.

Humanity united in pain but the transition to evolve to a new consciousness has also begun. Duality contains opposites in it. From the chaos we live in will start a new union, a new rise.
So many things will change for sure.

We are in a digital age and now AI will be controlling us more than watching us.
When I interviewed Professor Stephen Hawking who is one of the greatest scientists of this century, I was impressed by his beautiful soul more than his bright mind.
Hawking warned humanity before he passed away. “Be careful about AI. One day AI can surpass human intelligence. And this can bring humanity to an end,” he said.
Who knows?

I hope we don’t get into another chaos as Hawking foresaw years ago while we talk about digital money, digital education and digital connection after these days pass.
Come on, today let us do something good not only for ourselves but also for humanity, let us find out our mission in life.
Let us send love to whole universe.

We come to you.

For my part, being a foreign representitive for written and visual mainstream media I made interviews with numerous faces of the World. Many of them have been my friends. Easier said than done, two thousand World faces in total. But what had a huge impact on me have been stories of people living in the war zones and people whom I didn’t know at all but joined my spirit family in the remote corners of the World that I got trainings and I gave seminars during my spiritual journey. I love stories about people. What I love most is taking these stories from the very core and then present them to you as they are.

In years there isn’t left any place I haven’t been on earth and any reknowned face I haven’t met. But human being is same everywhere, under all circumstances. Actually if you are not deceived by the illusion showing the contrary, you will find there is only one truth.
We are all equal.

I will come to you every week with both my recent interviews and the ones waiting in the archive and I didn’t have time somehow to compile to date. With different stories, different views and information. A positive impact starts with a minute shift and then spread in waves. Those waves become new consciousness, new awakening and awareness.

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