AE: What kind of movie is Nanny McPhee? What was the reason for you to play in this movie?

Rhys Ifans: These types of stories are learning tool for children. I used to be very into such stories when I was a child. These stories are ‘must have’s of British history. That’s why as soon as I read the script, I said yes.

AE: Is it easy to act with children? Waiting for them to play etc?

Rhys Ifans: Children believe everything. They are innocent and they don’t approach things with doubt. I wish we could remain in our childhood. As for the movie set, to me an actor is an actor, regardless of age.

AE: We met you in Notting Hill. We saw many different characters afterwards. You have a serious fan base. Did this popularity affect you?

Rhys Ifans: Let me tell you a story. Years ago I was in Clapham, South London. We got drunk with a friend. We could barely stand. And we were broke. We went to a children’s movie. There were hundreds of kids around us. The movie started, all of the children got quiet. And I cried.

I’m still that guy from Wales. Nothing can change me. My philosophy is 4 words: ‘Be good, not bad’. The rest is meaningless.

AE: Women with children, having a career and taking care of their families. Seems like it’s challenging. What do you think about that?

Rhys Ifans: One word. The notion of family is losing its meaning. It’s dying. When we were little, our fathers used to go to work and children to school. Children would always find their mothers at home when they got back from school. It’s something else to eat a cake baked by mom. Now everything is changing. Everything is automated. There is no variety. Technology is about to see children off to school.

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