AE: You played unforgettable characters in many unforgettable movies. And you like to use your voice. What was the reason for you to play in ‘Happy Feet’. Was it because of the script, or did you want to use your voice?

Robin Williams: I needed the money that’s why. Kidding…There is a balance in nature and us human beings are not aware of that while we sit in our warm homes. That’s why I wanted to be a part of this project. On the other hand, penguins are very cute animals. And I had a lot of fun.

AE: Is it difficult to be different? Do you think it’s necessary to fight differences?

Robin Williams: Look I’m different and I fight with myself. But I finally accepted myself. The character ‘Mumble’ is alienated due to being different. But love wins at the end. The love of his mother and the love of the woman he loves helps him in his fight in life. At the end, both his family and others around him accept this different penguin. And this is the power of the fight.

AE: You have many fans in Turkey like the rest of the world. Do you have a message for your Turkish fans?

Robin Williams: I heard that Turkey is a beautiful country. Last year my wife went to Turkey. I couldn’t go with her. I was getting alcohol treatment. I was cleansed. I want to go to Turkey next year.

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