AEkinci: You created a character and that clumsy man made the whole world laugh. How was Mr. Bean created?

Rowan Atkinson: Directors who observed my mimics created Mr. Bean.

AEkinci: Is it easy to make people laugh?

Rowan Atkinson: Not at all. To be able to make people laugh without making sexual jokes is a serious job. It takes talent and technique.

AEkinci: What is the secret of your success?

Rowan Atkinson: Let me put it this way. Without talent, you can’t hang on, you can’t be notice. But if you have good technique you would be permanent. I mix physical comedy with dark humor. I use my body language very well.

AEkinci: As for Johnny English…If I were to ask you, James Bond or Johnny English?

Rowan Atkinson: Let’s be fair to James Bond. They are both good agents in their own levels. James Bond is very handsome and fast but Johnny English is charismatic and funny. You decide.

AEkinci: This movie is the return of Johnny English. What is the important of this movie for you?

Rowan Atkinson: In the first movie, we were able to create a very good comedy agent movie. In some scenes we couldn’t shoot because of cracking up. We were actually late filming the second movie. Johnny English is a good hearted man with good intentions. You want him to achieve his duties as he is honest and good. The audience automatically loves this clumsy agent. They can’t get mad at him.

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