AEkinci: Among the Spiderman movies you made, which one reflected you the best?

Sam Raimi: After shooting horror movies in 1980s, I started to get more into the technical side of things. Because the way use the camera, the perspect, in other words, technical details are especially important in horror movies. After getting a hang of the technical part, I started to concentrate on actors. I actually started to discover directing again with SpiderMan. The first movie had great reaction. But I must say that the movie that reflects me the best is the last one.

AEkinci: Spiderman is a comic book. But the movie is darker and sharper. How did that happen?

Sam Raimi: The storyline is from the comic book, but it’s rich with many different characters. I wanted to reflect the darker sides of these characters. When I had a good budget in my hands, and when Columbia Pictures could not control me, this is the result. We stayed true to the original characters.

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