Close Encounter with Obama

Politicians discuss financial crisis within the context of G-20 Summit and seek a solution for the crisis on a global level while exchanging opinions regarding the slogan of the summit: ‘Growth, Stability and Jobs’.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan attended a mini summit within the G-20 summit with President of USA, Barrack Obama, Prime Minister of Spain, Rodriquez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkanende and Angela Markel, and exchanged ideas regarding the financial course and Nato. Tayyip Erdogan discussed the details of Barack Obama’s official visit toTurkeyfollowing the summit and kept his close contact while standing right next to him for the G-20 family photo.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan will presentTurkey’s thesis on topics such as expanding IMF’s functions, budget and usage area of its budget, along with structural changes of IMF and G-20’s structural status. Erdogan also received an invitation to visit Brazil from the Prime Minister of Brazil.


King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah, who incurred the wrath of Kaddafi at theSummitof the Arab Union the other day, and Tayyip Erdogan are staying at the same hotel by coincidence inLondon. Businessmen fromSaudi Arabiawaited long hours for the arrival of Erdogan, upon finding out that he was also staying at the hotel. One businessman expressed his admiration to Tayyip Erdogan with these words: ‘He displayed great courage at Davos. It would be an honor to meet him and shake his hands’.

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