In the wake of Benazir Bhutto..A bewildered husband in the leadership seat, ‘Asif Zerdari’ 2

According to Benazir Bhuttos’s will, Bilawell Zerdari would become the leader of the party in the event of something happening to his mother. Her husband Asif Ali Zerdair would become vice chairman. 19 year old Bilawel Bhutto could only utter out four sentences during his first speech as the party leader.

In the search for the leader, the tearful husband Asif Zerdari was already eager for the casted role. Asif Zerdari had angry and aggressive outbursts in the beginning and sent ultimatum to politicians inPakistan, mainly to President Pervez Musharraf. His provocative attitude in press conferences was high criticized.

After getting his share of the criticisms, Asif Zerdari seemed rather calm in his interview with me. He said: ‘Al Quaida did not kill my wife. Who ever was going to take part in the elections, did not want Benazir. You see the result. We want the elections to be transparent and to be held on time.’

Last words of the bewildered new leader Asif Zerdari were: ‘I miss my wife dearly. The world has lost a very important politician. Whereas I lost the mother of my children and my spouse’..

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