Aysegul Ekinci talks to director Zach Snyder on his movie ‘Sucker Punch’

Director and script-writer Zack Snyder has made his debut with movies such as 300 Spartans and Watchmen, talked about his new movie,  ‘Sucker Punch ‘ during his interview with Aysegul Ekinci.

The famous director really enjoyed the challenge on this new experince, he says.








-What kind of an experience was it to write and direct the story of a young fantastic-action figure female?

ZS: It is actually more enjoyable to watch women fight than men. I like stories without limits. Stories that intertwine and that are fantastic. My hero “Babydoll” was such a character. At first I wrote a short stroy, and everything that was happening around her was always on my mind.

-As a man, was it challenging to perceive and present the opinion of a woman and her sexuality?

ZS: I didn’t even think about it. Babydoll was always in my mind. I wrote the script thinking about her. Music is also very important for me, I am big fan of Heavy Metal. So I had selected certain songs while writing the story in my head.

-Suckerpunch has a very strong production team. Was it hard to talk them into it?

ZS: Almost everyone knew my affection with this project. When I finally finished the project, I shared it with the team from Avatar. They got very excited and everything developed so quickly.

Carla Gugino talks to Aysegul Ekinci : ‘I would like to attend Turkish Film Festivals’

Carla Gugino has played the role of intellectual doctor Vera Gorski in the Suckerpunch movie. She had received an invitation from Turkey a few years back for a film festival. She had to turn the invitation down as she was very busy during that time. Then she regretted that a lot. She heard that Turkish film festivals were great and is now waiting for another invitation: ‘I definitely want to visit Turkey’. She is also a fan of Zack Snyder. She says she found the storyline of Suckerpunch very interesting. She portrays the character she plays as follows: ‘A beautiful and sexy doctor. She trains young pretty girls. But her life isn’t that well. She cannot create a new life in her mind. That’s why she tries to make her life better by giving dance and music lessons to young girls.’

Oscar Isaac: ‘It’s incredible to play with Carla’

Oscar Isaac admires his partner Carla Gugino: ‘It was incredible to play with her’ and adds that they established great energy between them.

‘A house of prostitution within a mental hospital, and lots of pretty girls dancing within the house of prostitution. They all have problems. They have different perspectives. But at the same time they fight with the dragon, soldiers and use arms. Only Zack Snyder could make this possible’. He is also a fan of Heavy Metal just like Zack Snyder.

Vanessa Hudgens: ‘We had a lot of fun’

Vanessa Hudgends plays the role of Blondie, the city girl, of the five dangerous young girl characters. She says she had a lot fun during the filming of the Suckerpunch. She says she especially admired the costumes of the movie and adds: ‘I didn’t want the filming to end’.

Emily Browning: ‘Zack made me Babydoll’

The lead character of Suckerpunch, Emily Browning, is very different than Babydoll in her real life.

Emily Browning seems very mature and proper and admits that director Zack Snyder made the Babydoll within herself come to life: ‘Zack literally recreated me. The color of my hair changed. My make-up, fake eyelashes, costumes…I couldn’t recognize myself. But I had a lot of fun. I’m very happy that he chose me.’

Abbie Cornish: ‘Creativity lies within having no limits’

Abbie Cornish plays the role of Sweet Pea in Suckerpunch and emphasizes on the messages of the movie: ‘For some reason most of us think by putting boundaries on our minds. Whereas when we break those boundaries, we are free’

Jamie Chung: ‘Babydoll’s story is sad’

Jamie Chung is probably the actress that is the most affected by the role that she plays in the movie,: ‘I think the story is sad. Nowadays, many young women are subject to violence in one way or the other.’ and adds that she was affected by the pain caused by the step father in the movie.

Jena Malone: ‘This summer, I want to go to Turkey, Greece and Russia’

Jena Malone plays the role of Dobra Rocket in the movie and comments on the movie: ‘The thing that audience will be curious about the most will be Babydoll’s dance. Because the way she dances blows everyone’s mind. Wouldn’t you wonder what kind of a dance that would be? Even I am curious about it. I hope that one day Zack will shoot the second part of the movie and that we can see her dance. We all had a lot of fun. I hope that the Turkish audience will like the movie.’


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