Aysegul Ekinci Receives, ‘ TV Journalist of The Year Award ‘ by Turkish Journalist Association

Aysegul Ekinci receives, ‘ TV Journalist of The Year Award ‘ by Turkish Journalist Association for her months of live broadcasting, from Pakistan.

Aysegul Ekinci who published article series about the tension in Pakistan, received an award in television category from the Turkish Journalist Association.

Our colleague, Aysegul Ekinci, who witnessed difficult times of our hesitant sister country Pakistan, who published a series of articles regarding the tension building up in the past few months in the country and who shared what she has seen and experienced with the readers of hurriyet.com, has been considered as praiseworthy for the annual story of the year awards by the Turkish Journalist Association and has received an award in the television category.

Our colleague had travelled with famous politician and exiled leader of Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP) , Benazir Bhutto from London to Karachi back in October and barely missed the suicide attack that targeted Benazir Bhutto on October 18th.

Aysegul Ekinci witnessed Pakistan’s struggle for democracy via the interviews she conducted while mirroring impressions of Pakistanis.

She entered the famous “Akhotta Khattak” Madrassa, known as the Oxford of Taliban and interviewed  the Talibans most wanted leaders.

Aysegul Ekinci went on  conducting her exclusive investigations in Pakistan, right after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto . She, revealed the details of the assassination by conducting exclusive interview with Bhutto’s niece Fatima Bhutto who was featured on the cover of British Times newspaper and Bhutto’s husband.

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