Ebu Abdullah, Leader of Supporters of Sheriah Organisation talks to Aysegul Ekinci

The  leader of the organization that went underground, upon being interviewed by CNN spoke for the first time to the Turkish press by accepting to be interviewed by Aysegul Ekinci, London Representative of Kanal D and said: “London attacks were unfortunately expected. However, I don’t think that the 4 people who allegedly carried out the attack would do such a thing knowingly.”

Ebu Abdullah continued his words by saying: “Would a person who is going to perform a suicide attack obtain a 10 hour parking permit?”. Ebu Abdullah also emphasized the fact that theEdgware Roadand Aldgate East regions are heavily populated by Muslims and said: “A Muslim would never risk another Muslim’s life. They didn’t leave any messages to their spouses or family either, whereas in suicide attacks a message is always left to the family.”

Ebu Abdullah was born in London and believes that the opinions of the religious leaders should be heard more in the fight against terrorism. Ebu Abdullah says that any group with an Islamic view has been marked as a terrorist group since the attacks of September 11th and adds: “We don’t have organizational links with Al -Qaida”.

Ebu Abdullah who now ponders about the possibility of being imprisoned due to new terrorism law, said that as Turkish person himself, he loved Turkish people in this sole interview he conducted with the Turkish press, as he wanted to be heard by the Turkish public as well.

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