Casino Royale – Director Martin Campbell, Caterino Murino

Director Martin Campbell is very satisfied with Casino Royal. Although he says it doesn’t matter, he is curious about the box office revenues. Especially after the revenues of Golden Eye!!

Aysegul Ekinci: Wasn’t it risky to shoot another Bond movie after the Golden Eye?

Martin Campbell: It is always risky to shoot a movie of the same genre. But Ian Fleming’s novel made me want to shoot another Bond movie. It was written in such a great way that it attracted me to the script.

Aysegul Ekinci: You shot the movie and now you are watching it. How did you find the new Bond and your own movie?

Martin Campbell: I believe we made a very good movie. Of course the final say belongs to the audiences. Golden Eye’s success was great for us. We will see what will happen for Casino Royal. As for Daniel, in my opinion, he is the best James Bond of all times. He has the characteristics of all the previous Bonds. And he is more human, in other words more realistic Bond. Daniel is already a great actor.t

And the sexy woman of the movie, Solange!!! Italian actress Caterina Murino complains about not having enough bed scenes with Daniel Craig..

Aysegul Ekinci: Caterina, you are especially very well known in France. Did being a Bond girl put any pressure on you? Especially acting in English?

Caterina Murino: It’s a great honor to be a Bond girl. The pressure was in the meaning of my role. I’ve been acting in movies for the past nine years and I speak English. In the movie I play a married Italian. So it’s normal for me to have an accent. The only thing that challenged me in the bed scene was the Director Campbell wanting to start the scene with and orgasm. I was excited. I had Daniel Craig in front of me. I wish the bed scene was longer. Just kidding!!! Although my part is short, you can grasp Solange’s character in three or four different scenes. I feel lucky to be a Bond girl.


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