The Lovely Bones, Peter Jackson, Saoirse Ronan

-You are a very powerful director and you’ve made many important movies. Do you believe you have to keep getting better? Does the possibility of your next movie being less successful than the previous one scare you?

Peter Jackson:-No, not at all. I make movies based on my feelings. I have to like it first. I make movies for myself. If I like what I do, so does the audience.

-The movie is about the murder of a 14 year old girl and the girl not wanting to leave the world after being murdered..Isn’t this a bit heavy?

Peter Jackson: It might be heavy but we created a different kind of depth in terms of visuals. The world we created as the heaven is very positive and attracts the audience. I don’t think we made the audience sad. Also, the end of the movie reflects the power of forgiveness that comes from love. When I finished the production of the movie, I watched it with my 12 year old daughter. She liked it a lot. No matter what your belief is, these are the topics of discussion and there aren’t that many movies that show what happens after death.

-How about you, do you believe life after death?

Peter Jackson: I’m not really sure. I guess there is and there isn’t life after death. I actually believe in energy. I’m not religious, everyone should be able to believe what they want. In the movie we created a different dimension. But I can’t say that it has to be like this hundred percent.

-Stanley Tucci who plays the part of the killer neighbor is very good. I heard that it was difficult for you to talk him into it.

Peter Jackson: True, Stanley didn’t accept the part at first. He read the script and had a quarrel with his wife. But I talked him into it somehow. He was very good in it. Also, at the beginning of the shooting Stanley would feel bad and get upset. He became killer George in time.

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