AEkinci: What was your first reaction you found out that you were chosen as “Eragon”?

Ed Speeler: If you are auditioning for a lead role in such a movie, you have to be calm and relaxed. So I was. I have self confidence as well. It all helped me. Something inside me was telling me that I was going to get it. It has been my dream to be an actor since my childhood. I knew it was going to come true one day. When they told me I got the part, I got crazy with happiness!

AEkinci: Brom character in the movie is a character who trains and educates. What was the reason for you to accept this role?

Jeremy Irons: I was offered to play both in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I wanted to be in such fantastic movies but both projects would be filmed over long periods of time and I didn’t want to stay away from my family. Eragon was a different project that was shot in short time. The filming was done in Hungary. That way I got my wish to play in a fantastic movie fulfilled. It turned out to be a great movie.

AEkinci: How did you prepare for your role in the movie?

Sienna Guillory: I had to lose with for Erago. I worked out everyday and learned to use a sword. That way my arm muscles developed. I do know how to ride horses. So all the scenes in the movie are real and I played in all of them. However, I stopped working out regularly.

AEkinci: Did you like your part in the movie?

Robert Carlyle: For some reason, I get offers to play the bad guy ont he white screen. I broke that habit in theater but not in cinema. I play a different kind of bad guy in “Eragon”. All of the characters are fantastic. So my part becomes mystical within that realm.

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