Former Mayor of Sisli, Gulay Cokay, spoke to Aysegul Ekinci, after 9 years of silence

Former Mayor of Sisli, Gulay Cokay, who’s been living in London for the past 8 years, broke her 9 year silence for Kanal D’s London representative, Aysegul Ekinci and confessed that her emotional resignation decision was a mistake and continued her confessions with the following statement: “Many things have been said and written about me. There are always conflicts within a political party. And it was time for some people to STOP me. I kept my silence against all mudding campaigns. I trusted justice. I was finally cleared of all the accusations, thank God.”

Gulay Cokay said that she experienced all types of nuisance, sadness and injustice during the 10 years that she spent away from Turkey and is bittersweet about being acquitted: “Both of the courts ruled for my acquittal. However my family and I grieved for 10 years. A political report and many allegations. No one asks me anything. Execution without due process. Who will give me back my broken pride?” Her eyes get watery as she tries to keep her tears under control, a habit she carried on from her politician days. But her state at that moment.. Her feminine attitude, the way she is not understood enough or the way the world doesn’t try to get her…Lingers in the walls of the interview room…


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