Sincere Confession from Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York: I apologize to Turkey

Turkeyhas been focused on these images for days..The images that York Duchess Sarah Ferguson and ITN team have secretly taped on the heart-breaking condition of mentally ill children at the Saray Orphanage near Ankara and Zeytinburnu Rehabilitation Center in Istanbul..

While the Duchess has initiated a diplomatic crisis, Minister Nimet Cubukcu reacted by saying: “The wives of ambassadors are there (Saray Orphanage) on a daily basis. Anyone can visit the premises. What they did is unethical” and emphasized the problems these images would cause.

That’s why I’ve been after Sarah Ferguson, to ask Her, as a journalist, all the questions thatTurkeywants answers to.

The Duchess of York has been the chairman of the “Sarah Ferguson Foundation” for the past fifteen years for the purpose of helping unwanted children and she defended herself by saying that the secret taping was misunderstood and added: “I am hundred percent behind what I did. But I didn’t intend to hurt Turkish Government nor the people ofTurkey. I repeatedly apologize”.

The Duchess of York sitting across from me is extremely self confident and sincere. She talks while staring straight into my eyes and says: “The situation was taken out of context”.

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