Hesitant Sister Country Pakistan: Open Target Bhutto 3

Imagine a female politician.

She has been elected as the prime minister, twice. She comes from a family of politician. Her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had aimed to erase the Islamic identity of the country during his time as both the president and the prime minister. Upon his execution on April 4th, 1979, the family has become legendary in the eyes of the people of Pakistan.

Butto had to make a choice between her husband who was accused with murder and politics. Obligation coincided with exile. Her ambition for politics and her fight in the name of democracy did not diminish over the years.

What was the actual target of the attack inKarachiwhich caused the death of many while sentencing many more to permanent disability? Was it ‘democracy’, or the former prime minister who felt the need to greet the people of Pakistan, despite being aware that she was an ‘open target’, or was it radical organizations who were saying ‘if you don’t take us into account, watch what we will do’?

Benazir Bhutto miraculously escaped from death, so did we, during the attack at Karachi. Pakistani press is filled with all types of conflicting news. Press is press anywhere. There are unconfirmed news everywhere.

Benazir is angry..Benazir is in defense. She will no longer announce her schedule beforehand. She says she isn’t protected adequately.

As a reporter who witnessed the events and who was in Bhutto’s convoy, I attend the panel on Pakistani television. My remarks are loud and clear, the female politician who returned to her country after many years became the target of an expected attack, at a time when the world is focused onPakistan.

A precisely planned act during a historical show that is watched by the entire world press. Is the path to democracy in jeopardy, or is it an attempt for distraction?

Tomorrow: Bhutto starts to annoy Musharraf’s Government. A nation cannot have two queens.

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