Hesitant Sister Country Pakistan: ‘We don’t raise terrorists’ 10

Aysegul Ekinci was the first journalist to enter the madrassa that has a reputation as ‘Taliban’s Oxford’ in Pakistan

The officers of the madrassa, first expressed their anger against the world press due to being accused of ‘raising terrorists and suicide attackers’ after 9/11, changed their minds and accepted our visit on the first day of the school year. Madrassa’s imam hafiz Irfan Ul Hak said: ‘We give many lessons such as mathematics and philosophy’ and gave us a tour of the madrassa.

This madrassa has a total of 4 thousand students. Their ages range between 13 and 40. Since the 9/11 attacks students outside ofPakistanare not admitted to the madrassa. Islamic education is provided while a university degree is also issued and the school is almost resembles a giant university campus.

The director, senator Sami Ul Hak underlined the fact that there were no jihad lessons: ‘No Islamic school would raise suicide attackers. However, there is so much poverty in certain regions of the world that no one can prevent it if the young people in those regions become suicide attackers as a reaction to this. And unfortunately every country in the world is affected by this’. Sami Ul Hak indicated that he admired Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and said ‘The world of Islam needs a leader like him’ and sent a message of love and unity toTurkey.

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