Hesitant Sister Country Pakistan: You need to meet this young man…His name is ‘Ali’…9

He is the only son aged 21 of the Ocal Family from theBlack Searegion… He studies at three universities. Ali Ocal is the first person that ran to help at the earthquake in Pakistan. And he is Turkish. He saved tens of people from underground while risking his own life. He built his own team. Because he was trained for this inTurkey. He first called his family inTurkeyafter the earthquake inPakistanand the only thing he could tell them over the phone was: “I am going to help the earthquake victims. Ocal family could not hear from Ali for days. Until a Turkish television discovered Ali inPakistan.

This interesting young man was like a savior for us. We were going to approach the border toAfghanistanin order to visit Taliban’sOxford. Ali, with his courage and fearless approach, was ready to accompany us.

We were about to go on a journey that even Pakistanis could not dare…

Our goal was to enter ‘that’ madrassa that was angry to the world press. To figure out whether it was the cradle of terrorist as it was alleged.

It takes courage to enter Akhota Khattak that has hundreds of Taliban or students…

And we have that courage…

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