Jake Gyllenhaal Interview

AE: Women love you. But you say you don’t find yourself sexy. Do you read the articles about you?

JG: I got very positive comments for the Prince of Persia. They said that I was very fit and that my body was great. But I don’t do anything special to impress women. I work out regularly anyway.

Plus, if you are going to play in an action movie, your body needs to be in good shape. I’ve been in this sector since I was 8. You mature early when you start acting at an early age. You become responsible. I try to be careful when selecting the characters that I’m going to play.

Jake Gyllenhaal used extras at a minimum for his role at the Prince of Persia. He played in most of the action scenes himself. The most important factor from the shootings is his hair. He says that all that hair was inserted into his scalp during the hot climate of the shootings. He says he is relieved now that his hair is shorter.

He also admits that he likes to shop and cook himself. And to flip through cookbooks when he is resting at his house.

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