Music and Lyrics, Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore Interviews

AEkinci: You dance and sing in Music and Lyrics. Especially your dance moves are very sexy. Did you take dance lessons?

Hugh Grant: Oh my God. You must be joking. Dance scenes were fully improvised. I used to sway in front of the mirror before, but it was terrible. I didn’t think dancing suited me. I even thought about how I was going to do those scenes. Then this butt dance came about. I moved a little and shook my butt. It didn’t turn out bad. When I did the same move on the set, everyone loved it and told me that I was very sexy. My girlfriend didn’t find it sexy at all. I still blush when I watch myself in the movie. As for the singing, other voices help out. Computer tricks can make your voice stunning. Still, my voice isn’t that bad!!

AEkinci: Every famous person can face the fall one day. Just like in the movie. What would be your reaction to such a thing?

Drew Barrymore: I became famous at a very young age. I was a kid when I played in ET. When my face became known by the whole world, at first I was surprised. I made mistakes. But I got a lot of support from my family. And I could realize a lot of the things when I was in my 30s. Any disappointment from now on would not shock me. I wouldn’t want to face anything bad of course, but I guess I can get over it.

AEkinci: If I were to ask you which you prefer: romantic movies or serious and complex movies?

Drew Barrymore: It doesn’t really matter to me. The script is more important. I also have to warm up to the character I will play. Sometimes you come across great scripts but you can’t adapt to the role. It’s important to have them both. For instance, when I found out I was going to play with Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics, I got very excited. I like him a lot. Every romantic movie he makes sticks in people’s minds. Just like a classic love movie. When the movie was finished and we watched it with the entire crew, I realized what a great decision I had made.

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