Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks to Aysegul Ekinci before the local elections

Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed Turkish Voters

Tony Blair met journalist Aysegul Ekinci at 10 Downing Street for an interview for Turkish Media and expressed his expectation for support from the Turkish voters for the local elections that will take place on May 4th.

Tony Blair chose Haringey region, where majority of the population is Turkish, to launch the Labor Party’s manifesto. Blair met the Turkish Press and Nilgun Canver, Cabinet Member at theHaringeyMunicipality, and answered questions with sincerity.

Now, Aysegul Ekinci asks some vital questions to PM Blair, here are his answers …

Ayşegül Ekinci: Did the Labor Party chose Haringey on purpose?

Tony Blair: Haringey is a very critical election region for the Labor Party and we especially chose the area for promoting the local election campaign. We expect the support of the Turkish citizens.

Ayşegül Ekinci: Taking the number of Turkish people residing in England, we would like to have a delegate to express our concerns and have our voice heard. Would you support this?

Tony Blair: Absolutely. I would like to see a Turkish representative in the House of Commons. Nilgun Canver should run for the parliamentary elections. I would support her.

Ayşegül Ekinci: Turkish people are very easy going compared to problematic Muslims. Despite this fact, we can’t receive any funds from the Government. What is the reason behind this?

Tony Blair: I realize how well Turkish people can integrate in United Kingdom. We were issuing funds to regions in difficult conditions. However, we will be more careful from now on as we want to distribute the funds equally.

Ayşegül Ekinci: Is it possible for you, as an ally of Turkey, to speed up the process for becoming a member of EU?

Tony Blair: Turkey is very important for both United Kingdom and EU. I’ve always supported membership of Turkey.Turkey made many reforms within the context of becoming a member. What I can say from here is that the duration will decrease as the number of reforms increase. You will improve faster with more reforms and this will speed up the process. I will give all the support that I can.


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