Director Marc Foster talks about Quantum of Solace

Marc Foster changes styles with the Quantum of Solace

Exclusice interview with Director Marc Forester

Golden Globe winner director Marc Foster is not the director type we are used to in James Bond movies. He is known mostly for emotional movies and says that he went out of his style for Quantum of Solace.

From what I hear, the director that Daniel Craig especially chose to work with, has create a different kind of James Bond mive. In short, it is faster, with more and better tension. Marc Foster is obviously proud of the special scenes that he shot with special cameras while he says: “I wanted to catch the audience at the same thrill that was left from the Casino Royal. I wanted the movie I was going to make to be like a bullet, to have the same dynamism and thrill at the opening and end. And I guess I achieved that.”

AE: How was it for you to shoot Quantum of Solace after Casino Royal? Especially knowing the fact that Casino Royal was the Bond movie with the highest revenue of all times…

MF: It was difficult for me to make this movie. As you said, Casino Royal had great success. Plus, I hadn’t done a movie of this type before. But I actually always wanted to shoot a Bond movie. And Daniel Craig trusted me. And I wanted to do a movie that was different from the previous ones. Faster, with higher and more thrill. But not the dark type of thrill. I also wanted to address topics that were not mentioned before. I wanted a realistic Bond movie. I took on the matters of the world and included them in the common projects of the Secret Services. For this, the scenes were shot in poor countries such as Bolivia and Haiti.

In short, I wanted to make a sharp movie that would leave the effect of a bullet on the audience.

AE: So are you satisfied? Is it a movie that you are happy with? And who is the best Bond of all times according to you?

MF: I made a movie that I’m absolutely satisfied with. I will remember this movie as a good place in my career. But if I were to receive an offer for a new Bond movie, I wouldn’t make it. One Bond movie is enough in the career of a director.

In fact, let me confess something. I didn’t accept the offer at first when the Bond movie came to me. I thought about for a full month. We didn’t even have a finished script. I added certain things as a director. We pulled all nighters with Daniel Craig. I believe that I shot this movie like an art movie. Each scene is different from the other. And as a last word, I would like to say this. At todays world, we don’t have gangsters and pirates with hooks anymore. We have smart, stylish agents who are aware of everything.


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