Bernie Eccleston talks to Aysegul Ekinci: ‘ I want to stay 20 more years for F1 ‘

AEkinci: One of the hottest topics in Formula 1 these days is Turkey. What is the latest regarding the situation in Turkey? Will Formula 1 come back to Turkey?

Bernie Eccleston: Formula 1 is not difficult to solve in Turkey. I want to go back to Turkey. The teams and the racers also want to go back to Turkey. Turkey is one of the best grand prix we’ve done. The problem lies in the commercial side of the matter.

AEkinci: So what are the chances for Formula 1 to come back to Turkey?

Bernie Eccleston: The only way Formula 1 can return to Turkey is through resolving the financial situation. I was very pleased to be in Turkey. So were the teams. I’m happy when the teams are happy. Whoever is involved in this matter is well aware of the situation.

AEkinci: They say that the negotiations among you, Turkish Government and the sponsors are still ongoing…

Bernie Eccleston: No, no one from the Turkish Government contacted me. There are no sponsors we talk to either. We had to cancel our contract last year.

AEkinci: Formula 1 is your baby. Your turned Formula 1 into an international product. So can you do anything you want about Formula 1 without asking anyone?

Bernie Eccleston: Of course not. We have the rights for Formula 1 and the Championship. It’s only natural trying to gain profit from such rights. Let me tell you this. Formula 1 is not run by dictatorship. There is a lot of democracy within. Maybe the problem is too much democracy. As for Turkey, we were happy to be there.

AEkinci: From what I understand, the decision was taken due to not having profits. How about the racers and their teams. What did they say about this?

Bernie Eccleston: The racers and their teams had a good time in Turkey. They all would have want to come back to Turkey. Now the final say is at the Turkish Government.

AEkinci: So you really can’t imagine the future of Formula 1?

Bernie Eccleston: No. Because it’s not easy to fight in the conditions of today. I’m doing the best that I can. The only thing that I want is for Formula 1 to grow and improve.

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