Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko ‘ I fell in love with Istanbul’

AE: I believe you were chosen from among 400 women to be the Bond girl. How does that feel? What did you do when you found out?

OK: I made up my mind to be Bond girl when I watched Casino Royal. I thought I was perfect for the part. But believe me I was excited at every audition. We were four people at the final audition. We were supposed to audition with Daniel Craig. I worked really well with him. I got a good vibe from him. When I got the call from my agency, I couldn’t believe it at first. It was like a dream…I was walking on the clouds.

AE: The new Bond girl Camille is a Latin beauty but you are Russian. You were tan in the movie but now you have white skin. How did you find yourself as a Bond girl?

OK: Great question, I was expecting this question from you. Camille is a vindictive female version of Bond. I got tan naturally by the beach. I also had to be athletic as a Bond girl. I trained fighting with trainers. I worked out for 6 months. Sports changes a person a lot. I can see the muscles in my body. To really give the character of Camille, I felt the feeling of revenge inside. I think I was a good Bond girl. Because Camille is the most different Bond girl.

AE: How was it to play with Daniel Craig?

OK: It is so sexy to play with Daniel. He tells everything through his eyes. He is very disciplined. He arrives to the set very early. He is very polite to the cast. He makes you feel comfortable. Our chemistry was great.

AE: Is there love in Quantum of Solace?

OK: No, there is no love in Quantum of Solace. Because both Bond and Camille are hurt. But at least they learn to trust again.

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