Miley Cyrus talks to Aysegul Ekinci exclusively on ‘Hannah Montana’

She is multi talented , singer, song writer and actress. After playing minor roles in the television series Doc and the film Big Fish in her childhood, she became a teen idol.

Miley Cyrus, was born in  Franklin, Tennessee, the daughter of county singer Billy Ray Cyrus, she went on showing her talents in many areas in film business.

I , met Miley Cyrus in London and had great interview with her. She is joyful, happy and down to earth. And, we also did a selfie together.

AEkinci: You became famous at a young age. How did your life change? Although you are 16, you are very mature.

Miley: I was born into a famous family but I didn’t want to use their fame. I wanted to be myself. I wanted to be different. Life is so short that I think we have so little time to do the things that we want to do. I was less than 12 years old when I decided to play the part Hannah Montana. But I worked very hard for it. Nothings happens if you don’t work for it.

AEkinci: What’s behind Hannah Montana’s big success according to you? It’s a pop culture idol. Does it come from you or from Hannah Montana?

Miley: Young people look for heros they can relate to. They are curious about her adventures, thoughts. Hannah Montana is a great exemple in this context. I play myself in both the series and the movie. I’m very sincere and the music I do is sincere. That way people get you the right way. I believe I will do great things in the future. I give messages to the teenages. My message to them is to be themselves.

AE: How much longer do you plan to stay in this project. What are your goals?

Miley: I would like to stay in the project as long as I can. But I wouldn’t want to be a 26 year old Hannah. I’m open to other projects. There are a lot of things I want to do.



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