Hesitant Sister Country Pakistan: Model leader in Pakistan, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 5

The people ofPakistanadmire Ataturk and they adopted him almost as their leader while giving his name to many boulevards in the country. Sister country takes on many of our important values as her own.

Every morning we wake up to a new suicide attack. The people ofPakistanare used to these attacks by now. The word on the street is that these attacks bloomed with the return of Benazir Bhutto. People on the street are angry and they want democracy.

We roll our sleeves to conduct an interview with Head of State, Pervez Musharraf. The President is very careful, he is aware of the turmoil in the country. Maybe, he prefers to remain quiet prior to the state of emergency.

Prior to heading toIslamabad, I attended a conference regarding the future of the world inKarachiwhere the topic was Ataturk. Politician Dr. Ikhtiar Baig expressed his admiration for Ataturk: ‘A true leader leads masses. Nowadays the notion of leader is changing slowly’. I get a strange feeling while he gives us a city tour ofKarachiin his car after the conference.

Despite the political tension and uncertainty in the country, women are still women. Although there seems to be equality between men and women of the educated segment, there are certain unnamed privileges. You see Pakistani women everywhere. On the road, on TV, alongside men, directly contributing to production, however women are almost sentenced to remain in the background in a society dominated by men. If you ask men, the Pakistani women are confused. According to them, women fail at the beginning of the equality race with men. In the hesitant sister country, women are also hesitant. For some, Benazir Bhutto is a bad example to women. For others, Benazir is the idol of Pakistani women. These are ideas that are flowing in the air as I test the waters on the streets.

Hesitant sister country tries to catch the era without striving to modernize.. All of this is for a betterPakistan.. Who ever promises a better future.. After all, the peace of the land will affect all of its neighbors.

All of us..

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