In the wake of Benazir Bhutto… ‘If need it be, one could die for democracy’ 7

Fatima Bhutto is not like Bilawell Bhutto or any other member of the Bhutto family.. The world is now watching this young woman.

And she is aware of everything..Of having a striking resemblance to her aunt Benazir!!! Of having a warrior soul…Of her charisma that would make thousands follow her like her aunt..Of being daring enough to say ‘If democracy requires fighting and dieing for it, so be it’..Fatima Bhutto is aware of it all.

She has a big heart enough to say: ‘Our political views differed with my aunt. Bhutto family had many martyrs. But this house has its own character. And you must have a character to live in this house. Despite not being on speaking terms, we do have such character. I feel bad for Bilawell. He is unaware of everything. He somehow was appointed as the leader of the party after the death of my aunt. But politics is a matter of soul’.

Fatima Bhutto says that she will get actively involved in politics when the time comes.

Who knows, perhapsFatimawill take on the flag in Bhutto family’s fight for democracy.

Pakistanis ready for democracy, but only if it is permitted. Now there is aPakistanfact that world cannot turn its back to.

A hesitant sister country that is getting closer to or even being dragged into chaos that we are all witnessing.

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