Sir Ben Kingsley: ‘I was always lucky in my path of life. I’m grateful for that’

AE: You played real life characters in movies such as ‘Gandhi’ and ‘ Schindler’s List’. How did you prepare for your character Prince Nizam who was a fictional character?

BK: The script was well thought. The cast was great. Even though there were a lot of action scenes, I knew Mike was going to balance it well between the action scenes and the characters. For instance, I found it very interesting that the characters weren’t only divided as good and evil. There were grey areas. I tried to remain as mysterious as possible in this movie. I had to reveal that I was an evil character by almost the end of the movie. So I liked the character that had so many layers.

AE: We see you in characters with depth. You almost give life to each character. You can be someone completely new in each new character. How do you manage to do that?

BK: Thank you for thinking that. When I read a script, I start working on the part I will play. I feel him. I research him. I breathe deeply and start to think calmly. When I visualize the character I start using colors and painting that character.

AE: Painting?

BK:Yes your heard right. I give colors to my character. I find an angle to the character and start from there, and the rest follows. The reason why I can play different characters, is having music in my acting. I articulate words. I work on breathing techniques. And modesty. Believe me, it’s very important to be approachable. Sometimes I see certain actors who see themselves bigger than others, that’s dangerous!

AE: Among all the characters you played, which one was your favorite? The audience might automatically think of Gandhi.

BK: I have four children. If you asked me which one I love the most, I couldn’t answer that. Same goes for the characters I played. They all have value for me.

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